03 Jul

It is absurdity’s privilege
To strike
Any man
In the face
At a time
Where absurdity
Is art
Full with happenings
Prop, war, theatre or waste
It is a desperate rational effort
To rescue Civilization
From the burrow
Of its bedding.

It is a belief
In consciousness
Of perceived truth
Full with awareness
Of existence
And loathing

It is not in the world of ideas
Or in the sphere of thought
Suspended for brief periods
It carries a purpose
That breaks out
In spite of me
Every now and then.

It is not funny
Only that a man
Falls down
And we exclaim
“it is a religious matter
It is the fall of man Existence is conditional
Life is a glorious cycle
Of song
A medley of improvisation;
And love is a thing
That can never go

-Dr. Anupam Nagar (Gehray)



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One response to “ABSURDITY

  1. Kiran

    September 5, 2014 at 11:17 pm

    If it is understood than ABSURDITY,has a deep meaning…..

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