24 Jun

Ferrying and ferrying
I ferried fairly across
And wondered
If farewell merely is
A tribute at parting
A good-bye…a leave taking …
Or is it a signified
That suggests the ‘forever’?
For no fair can be without fare
And no fare ‘here’
Can ever be fair enough…
But still the question remains
Why do people ferry at all?
Why do roads darken and journeys end?
Has it a tint of faith and belief?
For every separation gives a taste of death
Every reunion a trace of resurrection
Perhaps to fare-very well
One should make one’s ‘life-ferry’ steady
And believe in the fairest of fares
That God confers
To the ‘one’
Who fares-well ‘here and now’.

-Dr. Anupam Nagar (Gehray)

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