Different Types of Poetry

08 Jul

Poetry is the expression of a thought, an idea, a concept or a story in a structured form which has a flow and a music created by the sounds and syllables in it.

  •  Acrostic: Acrostic poetry is one that contains certain letters, which are usually placed at the beginning of each line. These letters form a message or word when they are read in a sequence.
  • Ballad: This type of poetry is short and narrative and is made up of stanzas of two to four lines. Ballads usually have a refrain. They also deal mostly with folklore or popular trends though some also originate from a wide range of subject matter. The verses in ballads are straight-forward and seldom have any detail. Apart from that, ballads always possess graphic simplicity and force.
  • Blank Verse: A blank verse is written in unrhymed iambic pentameter. This form is a little like the rhythms of speech.
  • Burlesque: In this kind of poetry a subject that is serious in nature is treated as humor.
  • Cinquain: A cinquain is short poem that is made up of five lines that are usually unrhymed. These five lines contain two, four, six, eight and two syllables respectively.
  • Clerihew: This type of poetry is made up of a comic verse that has two couplets and a specific rhyming scheme.
  • Didactic Poetry: Didactic poems are poems that are written in order to instruct or teach.
  • Epic: This type of poem is long and narrative in nature. It talks about the adventures of a hero. Epics usually deal with the history and traditions of a nation.
  • Epigram: Practiced by poets like Robert Frost, William Blake and Ben Jonson, epigrams are short poems that possess satire. This type of poetry ends with a stinging punchline or humorous retort. Common forms of epigrams are written as a couplet.
  • Epitaph: A short poem with rhyming lines written on a tombstone in praise of a deceased person is called an epitaph.
  • Elegy: This type of poetry is sad and thoughtful in nature. They talk about the death of an individual.
  • Free Verse: Like the name suggests, free verse is poetry that is irregular. This type of poetry has content which is free from the traditional rules of using verse.
  • Ode: A poem that is written in praise of a place, thing or person, is known as an ode.
  • Sonnet: A poem that is made up of 14 lines and a particular rhyming scheme is called a sonnet.
  • Couplet: Perhaps the most popular type of poetry used, the couplet has stanzas made up of two lines which rhyme with each other.



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